Rest in Peace, Words #Literature #Amwriting

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Rest in Peace, Words

Years later, there is no lack of poetry
No lack of PDF books and poor
Modern poets who are somehow famous
Famous for lack of a better term

Reviewed, peer networked, published
But I prefer to read poets
That felt the words they said
Did not need to edit and manipulate

The audience into believing they are clever
When I am dead, I will die a poet’s poet
With rain drenched hair of brightest April
I shall have peace, because

My entire life will have been a tribute
To lyrics, free-verse, open joys of solitude
The kind of aphoric-speech which future writers are best
Equipped to appreciate, I shall not have renown, no

But my verse shall live on, spoken
By artificial voices in make-believe
Settings of the future, poems will have a life all their own
And in dying poor, literature will have loved another poet
In the hush anonymity of it
I shall be that sparrow of too many little whispered words.

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