Poetry and you Leave the same Lasting Impression 

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Poetry and you Leave the same Lasting Impression

It’s not necessary to say that I loved you
Because the entire universe
Conspired to help me find you
And each day it conspires in us such a harmony
And if imagination is more

Important in our relationship, than knowledge
I shut my eyes and all the world
Drops away, and it’s just us
If I’m a victim of introspection
You bring me back again and again

To the real world your feminine pragmatism
Assures me is the important one
I know, my poetry is a tyrannical discipline
It’s not affording you a good lifestyle
However hypnotized I am by its workings

I often find myself watching you
As you eat a piece of fruit or share a conversation
So darling, if the moon smiled
She would no doubt resemble you
It’s not necessary to say that I love you each day

But I still do anyways, it makes my
Lungs dilate with the onrush of breath
That I’m a part of the scenery
Air, mountains, trees, people, thought
Life affords me just enough raw materials

To create the reality I want
To be acutely aware of for the rest of my life.

11 thoughts on “Poetry and you Leave the same Lasting Impression 

  1. Oh, my goodness! You are soooo good in this romance kind of thing.
    My husband wrote me poems too, and he leaves love notes almost everyday under my pillow, on my pillow, on the kitchen cabinet and anywhere else … He always reminded me like this … “In case I might not wake up tomorrow …” It is one of the thing he fear the most to leave me one day unawaken from his sleep and not able to say the three words again – he make sure he does.

    I hope I do not irritates you, but I got to Re-blog this on my side. It is really so beautiful! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on MY.THOUGHTS.MY.LIFE.MY.WORLD. and commented:
    To my opinion, he is one of the best poet I got to learned on this side of the world? Can I say it like this? Okay. Me being funny – terrible. I really this blog and want to share this on my side with the others. Do enjoy and check out his incredible site. One of the brilliant writer – poet. 🙂

      • Am I? If a man wants his soul counterparts it’s hard the waiting is painful but it’s worth it in the end. You are right ….love is not easy to find but poet’s who can touch my heart makes me fall on my knees and savor their words taste it and feel it with my heart . I thought you are in love at the moment with your wife?If that so… you mean poet’s are boring ?we need to find someone that compliments and inspire us right?

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