Introduction to Dreamlike Metaphors 

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Introduction to Dreamlike Metaphors

Do not be too harsh with your art
Do not be too hard to these poems
Great is the hand that holds
Dominion over a poet’s scribbled name
Not the critics of the day
But the audience of tomorrow
Birds and symbols to our flying name
That our birthday began with water
For the romance of a life’s possibility
Venus lies star-struck in her wonder
And the sensual ruin that we made
Upon the flesh of our own miracles
The experience that were seasons fluid
The brains beyond age, the dark veins
Of our aging mother, the many deaths
We had to go through to get
To the mercy of the means of vocabulary
We laboured a lifetime just to find our voice
To sing in our chains like the sea
And to charm the golden heydays
With our eyes for beauty and dingle starry heights.

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