P o e t r y in U t e r o #sundayblogshare #poetry #amwriting

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P o e t r y in U t e r o

There is a wall to break down
Between people and poetry
And I intend to break it
High-brow poets frequent academic

Institutions with high tuition bills
Low-brow poets are like rappers
They free-verse in the street

As the public feels poetry
Is a heavy intimidating word
It’s not, it’s not rhyming poetry
They made you memorize in primary school

Poetry is like music, it has
A lot of genres and encompasses
Embraces cultures all over the planet

It’s also one of the oldest traditions
Signs from the root of language
It has accompanied empires since
The dawn of time, but modern man

Fears it like it’s a degenerative tedious thing
Old men do in clubs that have died out
Well it’s not, it’s alive in every city
In a few good books a year

It’s plastered like graffiti all over
The internet, on blogs and in cup-cake
Author websites that never get viewed

Just ask the Poet Laureates if it can survive
They will say its demise is a myth
And a reality, that it’s complicated
But if there ever was an art for the people

An art for young people, and women
It’s poetry, it can change your life.
Poems can change your mind and
Make a romantic out of the rugged.

15 thoughts on “P o e t r y in U t e r o #sundayblogshare #poetry #amwriting

    • Thanks Rel, I keep writing about writing, it’s like this intoxication new theme that I can’t quite finish with….and I agree with you poetry that recites itself…

  1. Very timely! I’ve attended lots of poetry events this month (and also launched my chapbook!). Some of the feedback I’ve heard relates to the lack of accessibility of some poetry – too “high-browed” and “clever”. I think most people simply want to connect, and the kind of poetry that is usually rewarded by prizes, tend to be those which many people can’t understand and connect to.

      • I find it very interesting how our words ‘work’ through poetry in the sense that when we write them we may have a particular intention or meaning in mind but once we release them – share them with others the words seem to expand or take on a life of their own. Others may interpret the words in a way that enlightens us, the author! It really is magical. Your statement of fear of being “just an emotional poet” might be flipped to one of pride of being able to express your emotions! I believe we connect through our emotions so kudos to you 🙂

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