Question & Answer


Question & Answer

We are the not famous poets
We celebrate the common person

Black, Hispanic, Chinese, gay, Trans, Disabled
Senior, teenager, semi-homeless, poor, impoverished
Please excuse this poem

A poem has no right to make a dollar today
Only to celebrate the breathless holiday
Of art, the tragedies of living

The news doesn’t talk about
The violence in impoverished lands
Where billions have no enforcement of law
They talk about the privileged

It’s a state of affairs run by the entitled
Were you born in an entitled nation?
Where you have the luxury of

Talking about God or the state or art
There are human beings out there
Who if they wrote a poem it would be

About survival, about how not to be
Drowned by immigrant traffickers
Off the coast of Italy, or how

To move to a county with some semblance
Of prosperity, those would be words
Worth hearing, but how many have no voice.

14 thoughts on “Question & Answer

      • You are more the pro in this thing than me. I am an amateur if compare to the others here. But it is a great thing to know people of such highly talent and creative. English is not my language and I am still learning it even after all these years …

        To me, you are one of a brilliant poet-writer here and even those pictures you used are incredible. One thing I noticed is that you love to use the pictures of Asian ladies, I was struck by that. But all the pictures you used are artistic and almost haunting even. 🙂

      • We are all amateurs, that’s why we are blogging. Yes I appreciate your insights, I do have a thing for Asian culture.

      • LOL haha … That is why my hubby married me because of my culture. He love Asia in general. And he became a Buddhist because of its spiritual belief after he got so disappointed in Christianity.

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