O’ it’s Broken this Society 


O’ it’s Broken this Society

O’ what is the sound of love aborted?
Does it hum, drum, thrill the ear
For a lifetime of waiting

Like in countries where freedom
Does not exist, where
There is no protection of law for the poor?
O’ what is the light so flush and clear
Does it color the distance bright

Like a star, or an angel of morning
Shatter the usual manoeuvres of morning, warnings?
O’ how do the scarlet soldiers fare?

Who have not life, not love, not house or cheer
They have no future, well, my dear
Only the sun as their weapon
Only the promise of tomorrow as their idol
With so cunning and misfortunate, opportunity,

O’ we have no fields to farm, anymore,
Or mothers and fathers, they have died
Before society became too ill, O’ what of the

Sad dark years to come, I can feel it
Impossible to prepare for the world that is coming
O’ what is the sound of hope departing?
Does it hum, drum, flash before our eyes
Does it dwindle, kneel, down to our last savings

Until we have to sell even, our
Most prized possessions, our dignity.

Poets that Blew Time full of Sand


Poets that Blew Time full of Sand

You and I had too much love
To fill things our voices spoke of early
Sayings: with lovely voice
In such a hard world
You and I suffered too much

Too proud to be wise
Of what we had overcome
We may not speak of it

Unable to reconcile reality with what we lived
Ask us no further word
We may not speak of them
They touched us too early and nearly
The strange myths our souls took on

To survive or to embellish that survival
These talks of old disguises we tell ourselves
The masks and narratives our souls built

To endure the star-span of our smile
And be a ballad-maker in hard times
Old singers we become half-forgotten
Half-forgetful we had no melody
Only the pang of the wind-rune at our heart

Our heart that old poets painted color-blind
The wizardry of strange sadness undiagnosed
We who ponder silence

In extinguished verse
Laments lonely from the beginning
Hope spent pioneered on the frontier guard
These gracious spirits on desolate fields
You and I had too much love

Sorrow like rain that is never spent
Feeling as white as bones and a thousand frosts
No longer men that take offense or have defense.

The Future Happened while you were Working 

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The Future Happened while you were Working

Stop all the clocks, the future is now
Silence the sceptics, global warming is real
Species are dying, oceans are wanting
I thought love in a human form

Would last forever, maybe not?
Stop all the clocks, democracy is broken
Silence the masses, your vote means nothing any more
The myth of your freedom

Was conscripted a long time ago
Before you were born, stop all the clocks
You’ve been deceived, false advertising all around
The news is distraction, the elite are hoarding

While the poor grow poorer every day
Stop all the clocks, the stars are not wanted now
Put every state back into the Dream, it’s a heist
Of the takers on the taken, it’s a heist

On the slaves for the masters
Stop all the clocks, no one cares about revolution
We have been conditioned to be good consumers
Bring out the coffins, for a mourning generation

It’s going to be genocide, barking dogs, no juicy bones
Only hollow patriotism, white-washed pockets.