confessions of an introvert

Screen Shot 05-05-15 at 11.52 AM
Disclosure of endless rest

Being a lifelong listener
What if you were able to elicit self-disclosure
Would I tremble or be storm-troubled?

Unable to stop the froth of karma
The inner-dialogue of intimacy unmet
Or would I see Heaven’s glories shine
In a moment of spectacular ease
And want to make love with the spring

In my soul’s bare naked offering?
Being a lifelong listener
Spending a lifetime asking questions

What if you asked me questions and
Moved men’s hearts with just a whisper?
Would I become more anchored
In my own immortality and spendthrift
In this mortal infinity, these animated hours

Of where suns and universes continue to fount
And words create an art of being together
That can barely articulate or speak

Would God herself come to pass
In a woman’s not-lonely equanimity?
That I might gasp, and throb and sing
With nothing but my fragile frame at midnight
Being a listener, would I hear you over seas?

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