Dream Songs (Sydney Edition) 


Dream Songs (Sydney Edition)

If you were to write a dream song
Of our journey, your ideal life & occupation
Where would you be standing?

Who would be witnessing your life?
Would you have a daughter
And what would be your horizons?

And in the inner resources
Of your destiny, how would you
Drag authenticity out of the labour
We ourselves who flash and yearn

To be other than the roles we play
We’ve taken upon ourselves to survive
While forgetting how to
Recreate ourselves sand thrive

We were once so keen to self-actualize
But youth, like a valiant piece of art
Is sometimes forgotten in the
Great literature of the struggle

Of our personal narrative
It does not mean we no longer dream
But don’t revisit the old dreams
Maybe it’s time to create new dreams
From the plights & gripes of fate

To churn the alchemy (repeatedly)
To ever confess new boundaries
Of what we allow ourselves to attain.

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