Out of the night that covers us

Screen Shot 05-05-15 at 07.34 PM

Pleasing Instinct

Out of the night that covers us
There is a pleasure in mingling minds
That is more erotic than the unconquerable
Soul we share, engendered brain

I have not shuddered warmth, only happy tears
My head is a paradise full of neuron
Yearning to touch dendrite

Memory yearning to be extinguished
In the intelligence of another
And that, is the menace of years
That it’s so rare to find a kindred spirit

To entertain our highest parts
And to be a captain of enigmatic parts
To surprise, to withstand quirks

And add to the fuel of the clutch of circumstance
If you are the one I am lit for
Than I am a light or the oldest rods
And you are the serpent of my most

Erotic dreams, where we linger
Soul to soul, with body only as conclusion
Where I’d kiss your ankles to the wind

And retreat for clothes that serve no purpose
Between such natural intimacy as you and me.

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