Whatever happens with us

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The Eros in Altruism

Whatever happens with us
Would it be a mistaken point in my brain
That is aroused by your intelligence?
Could you forgive the delicacy

Of my predicament that searches
For memories of you in foreign faces
Your strong tongue that reaches
Into the everywhere of me?

Whatever happens between us
Don’t take it the wrong way
If I imagine blooming in the
Rose-wet cave of our happiness

How your love for travel might end up
In the innocent wisdom of our love-making
Reaching where I had been waiting
For years for you, half-curled in wonder

Whatever happens with us
In the seduction of a thousand moments
Of mistaken identity, mixed karma
Primitive needs washed by the suns

Firm protective bathing in soul-stuff
Would it be mistaken alliance
Of oxytocin to be melted in your mouth
Your mouth of too much kindness

Your body of too much giving
Your breasts that are mother and friend
To this lonely world, I should not be aroused.

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