Permeating Early Revisionary Exploration 

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Permeating Early Revisionary Exploration

To enter these bonds, is to be free
To be indebted to a woman’s body
To feel her flesh and spirit bathe thee
Before, behind, between, above and below

The sweat and fragrance of serendipity
Where my hands grow cold in this savage dark
And precious stones glow like nipple-thirst
Hard and soft with full shared nakedness

As souls unbodied with free license
To taste whole joys like uncloth’d wine
That a fool’s eyes can ligteth to the Gem
Of a woman in heaven’s full recline

And Earth’s sultry tastes born of wet glee
There is no penance due to innocence
We’ve waited years to together likt his
The smiling emergence of merrily toyed

We become each other tumbling
Like a garble of lovely minutes
Pull together like crushed fruit on skin
Her flesh came at the chute of our unity

In an uncovered bud of flower’s glowing
Beautiful, wide-spread, opened like a pineapple.

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