A Little Quiet Begs

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A Little Quiet Begs

It’s a living aphorism
How our lives come together
To teach, to learn, to melt into

The wild wisdom we have accumulated
In body, brain and soul the tantalizing
Prophecy of our own death
We must live with courage then

To authenticate our secret desires
Those wishes we forgot to nurture
While we are taking care of others
Fulfilling our duty like a role of daily travels

We are enhancing our former selves
In a ripple of quiet begging to this universe
That only leaves a human a few shells
A few divorces, a few truly eloquent love-affairs

That eclipse the quality of memory
To ennoble us to the core.

His Reply Was to Move Closer

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His Reply Was to Move Closer

She came at me, with experience
With Kama sutra pottery hands
Hands that could tame a deer
Her voice like liquid velvet

With minutes pulled into loving hours
She emerged, made me emerge
Trust the water founts of existence

Gave pleasure and joy a new meaning
On the tips of my hands in the
Filaments of the blood that flows in my heart
I was a captive and I surrendered completely
To her loving grip of ferocious

Love of life, her appetites for intimacy
Like estrogen invading my barbaric existence
What is her mouth to me, but the

Mantric lips of bowed trembling
Her coy attachment to learning the secrets
Of a Spring day, of another’s life
In a blur of the growing days of letting
Another spirit into our spirit to mix

With legs slightly apart, until
We could both not bear it any longer
To tremble touched from the inside.

The KissKiss

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The KissKiss

There are days in clumsy brightness
We ask another to come to us
And we are open like a stuttering pearl

Ready to be taken by life’s immensity
And in that wonderfully stumbling
Sign of our vulnerability and desire
We find the ache that
Always only guessed what it needed

We find intelligent conversation
Of body and mind, and soul even
If you believe in a soul, I have one

It’s rather kind and likes to watch
The days go by in a zig-zag of newness
Seeking distinctly different ways to learn
From others and experience humanity
Like the way you smile more if

Our eyes meet a certain way or
The way you get soft if I touch you
In certain places, there are days

When I wait for you in my mind
In the anticipation of being with you
Like a spring that regulates my destiny
It’s not tactile, but intuitive
At regular intervals of my need for you.

Spring Yellow Fever

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Spring Yellow Fever

Your jet black hair is like youth
To me, like the kind of face that
Ages gracefully, with slanted love
I am a hospitality of surprise to your
Foreign accent, Mandarin tipped muse

I go clean through your skin like
Diamond hunting on the edge
Silence is a dress we wear
Clothing I take off of you, we are

Figurate and literally naked to each other
Like the time it took to let you into my heart
So we go to bed lightly with
The world on our side and a lover
With the most spiritual eyes

And what we do to each other there
Is not important, all moments pass
Like an Orgasm from God or
The little beginings of metamporphosis

We all come into this world naked
And sometimes, the body of our kiss
Grows cold and wise, like aging together.