The KissKiss

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The KissKiss

There are days in clumsy brightness
We ask another to come to us
And we are open like a stuttering pearl

Ready to be taken by life’s immensity
And in that wonderfully stumbling
Sign of our vulnerability and desire
We find the ache that
Always only guessed what it needed

We find intelligent conversation
Of body and mind, and soul even
If you believe in a soul, I have one

It’s rather kind and likes to watch
The days go by in a zig-zag of newness
Seeking distinctly different ways to learn
From others and experience humanity
Like the way you smile more if

Our eyes meet a certain way or
The way you get soft if I touch you
In certain places, there are days

When I wait for you in my mind
In the anticipation of being with you
Like a spring that regulates my destiny
It’s not tactile, but intuitive
At regular intervals of my need for you.

10 thoughts on “The KissKiss

  1. you’re a great poet Wuji …your poetry has a magical touch of science and beauty blended together the old and the new that’s why your creations are beautiful simply defines YOU….a wonderful being. I love your work.

      • I love your work that’s why I keep coming for more …..:):) I can’t get enough It’s beautiful really it touched my heart. You’re great! and mean’t it with all my heart.

      • Well as poets, I mean, the lowest and less famous of all art forms, each comment we get, each fan we have, means the world to us, I know you know what I mean.

      • I’m your number one fan as always you see ….The evidence you see through my likes and always read yours it’s exciting to see something intellectual and innovative .

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