My Diamond Sutra 


My Diamond Sutra

My daily activities are not me
I am not what I do
What I do is just a harmony
Of action in the world

Neither am I this or that
Or any of the roles prescribed
I am a free being
Drawing water, carrying firewood

Watching the moon because
I can, I grasp for nothing and
In a way I discard nothing
I’m a marvellous activity

Of loving the universe that created me
That is my true function
The wind won’t settle
My mind won’t rest

The birds will sing
The sun will shine
I will be ignorant and simple
The mind of the past is ungraspable

The mind of the future future is ungraspable
The mind of the present is ungraspable
So I learn slowly to
Stop grasping at things and people.

4 thoughts on “My Diamond Sutra 

      • What I mean is that the dissolution of bondage/freedom is what is “sought”. The interplay of appearances of which all learning, spiritual and otherwise, is inherently an aspect of, cannot be said to “create” its own dissolution. I would not say the ego “learns” to dissipate itself, though through the apparent causality of effort it can seem to. We already live in a virtual reality, in which the projective power of the mind appears as if outside of itself. Maya.
        Peace, thank you for the dialogue!

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