Why The Spirit of Poetry Moves Me 

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Why The Spirit of Poetry Moves Me

Poetry is a vibrancy of how
Emotion can shift time-space
A storytelling of first love
Repeated in an indefinite number of degrees

I started reading poetry
After I studied philosophy
So the two seem fused to me
Like a brief delight of everything

And a freedom of hearing Nirvana
Poetry is a written form of
A language that is now silent
You can’t speak it and expect

It to sound the same, it stretches
Across lifetimes and endangers
Even the most well-established security
It’s a universal solvent and dissolves

The illusions of what we supposed
Was stability, for enlightenment
Always aches in us to move on
To further states of mingling

Poetry is like an orgasm of language
It’s the most exciting to write
And over the quickest and has
The most potential attractions

Who cares if people stop reading it
I’ll still be writing it, or pray tell
You can find thousands of these things
If there has been an apocalypse

Shakespeare is praised more than the Bible
Fame exhausts all eulogies
And poetry likes to sink and swoon
Under the weight of the times.

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