Who is your Favorite poet of all-time? Try the Survey!



Hey Everyone,

Here is your chance to celebrate your all-time favorite poets, you will be able to choose a few of the ones in this list who have moved you the most. Tick the boxes next to the poets you treasure the most. These poets were shortlisted from an exhaustive and subjective review of the literature.

If you don’t see your favorites, let us know we can add a few more!


Choose the poets who most impacted your own writing, those rare poets who truly you feel are the most influential poets in your life.

Do note: That some of the classical cannon have been omitted from the list quite on purpose: Shakespeare, Milton, Byron, Dante, Goethe, Hugo, etc… (to name a few) to give a chance for more recent and unusual poets to be listed. We’d very much like to add more non-European poets if possible from foreign countries with equal footing for female and male poets represented.



We consider this list to be informative as to some of the best poetic literature humanity has produced recently, so if you don’t know some of these names, I suggest you look them up. Let us know if you “discover” anyone on this list that impresses you.

Please share this post on social media and here, to get a comprehensive survey going, thanks.

22 thoughts on “Who is your Favorite poet of all-time? Try the Survey!

    • Shakespeare, Dante and Milton have been excluded from the list on purpose as those are a given and I’d really prefer to focus on more recent poets. King David though is an intriguing prospect.

  1. My favorite poets are Emily Dickinson and Maya Angelou. Safe in their Alabaster Chambers…and On Reaching Forty are my faves. But, I love their most popular classics, too – Hope is the Thing with Feathers and Phenomenal Woman.

  2. Wuji, I would like to see Kenneth Rexroth’s name added to the list and would dearly love to see Charles Bukowski’s name added to a list of the most profane, no-talent non-poets of all time!!


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