Favorite Wordress Poet


Hey Everyone,

We all perhaps have favorite poets we read on WordPress, if you are a poet the chances you read other poets on here and support them is pretty high. Please nominate individual poets and provide their wordpress URL and we’ll add them to our list.

Once we have enough nominations, we’ll open the voting. You can nominate yourself too, perhaps you can get a bit more traffic.

Then read them and we can vote for our favorites. You’ll be able to vote for multiple poets.

Here is the shortlist thus far:



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56 thoughts on “Favorite Wordress Poet

  1. Wow, Wuji – great idea and there are so many great poets! A few of my favs (in no particular order!):
    Christine at: https://journeyintopoetry.wordpress.com/
    Cynthia at: http://littleoldladywho.net/
    Elle at: https://jsegarra.wordpress.com/
    Dorinda at: http://dorindaduclos.com/
    Maggie Mae at: http://maggiemaeijustsaythis.com/
    Katarina at: https://cath22may.wordpress.com/
    Robert at: http://robertokaji.com/
    Frédéric at: https://poemsandpoemes.wordpress.com/
    Tyler at: https://tylerpedersen02.wordpress.com/
    and myself (Rob) at: https://robmcshane.wordpress.com

    Wow – and there are so many more!
    Thanks 🙂

      • I’m getting more nominations here than I’m getting people voting, so it’s becoming a bit funny! Thanks again for your nominations though…

      • So set a deadline for nominations, make a list AFTER nominations are closed. THEN vote. WordPress has an app or widget, or whatever its called that will do that .. tally, etc.

        OR set a deadline and then give equal appreciation to everyone nominated. If there is one that is way and above everyone else, perhaps you have your plan of how to do that in mind already. The favorite poet in your poll may turn out to be yourself 😀

        However you do it, it might be a bit time consuming. But it should be sort of fun, too.

        Thanks for this opportunity to recognize some special poets.

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