18 thoughts on “Survey Top Poets Results

      • Wuji, that’s rather disappointing in truth. What you did was a lot of work, and gifted an opportunity to our community to know one another a little better and to promote the words voiced by poets… I appreciate what you did, truly, even if it didn’t quite go as hoped. I wonder if everyone had been aware of a deadline for closure if it would have made a difference? I just don’t know with certainty; but what I do recognize is your attempt to bring recognition and introduction to poets, and that my friend holds more value than all else. You have a generous and kind spirit. Thank you for what you did.

      • Hello Bel, I was wondering if you would be open to reblogging my last post about a LinkedIn group for writers and poets of the wordpress community?

  1. I’m not sure how but I didn’t see these posts! There are some great nominations, it’d be hard to not vote for them all! This was a lot of work on your part, maybe you’d consider doing it again in the future? Perhaps others here could help in the promotion?
    Regardless, I see some poets here that I’ll be checking out, so thank you for that. ~ k

    • Thanks Karin it was fun, it showed me just how actually small the poetry community is here. A lot of free lance poets writing, with a very small nucleus of passionate bloggers.

  2. It was a great idea Wuji – must say I wasn’t quite sure how it worked and went to the survey site first, voted (thinking I could return to vote again later!) then nominated a few of the poets I enjoy (who were not already listed) – only to find out I was unable to add to my Initial vote. And so we learn! 🙂
    Thanks for your effort to put this together. Now I have some new folks to go and explore! 🙂

    • Well it’s all for experimentation I guess, I also didn’t know this survey site, which actually is pretty neat. A pity we couldn’t change our vote though…

      • Now we know – as you say, experimentation, hey? After all, that’s what we do best! 🙂 Still think it was a great idea. Maybe you can do it again in a few months (if you’re up for it!?) – are you able to leave it open for longer too? Exposes more poets! Thanks again!

  3. I am a bit confused. I went to the link you provided, found your name, honestly didn’t recognize any others, and voted for you. Now I don’t even see your name on the list above, nor do I understand what the adjacent percentages and numbers represent. Sorry for my apparent ignorance, perhaps this was all explained in a post of yours that I missed. I thought it was sponsored by WP, regardless, I voted and am sorry this endeavour didn’t turn out as you hoped. Melissa Xx

    • As the host of the event, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to show my name on the “results”. Though since I was nominated, I did let people vote for me 🙂 The %s represent the percent of total vote Melissa 🙂

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