Promise of Flight #FindingEmma #EmmaFillipoff #Missingpersons #Canada #Victoria

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Promise of Flight

Emma your ghosts are coming around again
Your family in the forms of investigators
Do they not understand where missing souls go?
I lost a brother, he’s not been in touch for 20 years

I will never know the reason why he left
I do not panic, it’s his freedom to
Go and be who he chooses to be
The truth is, there are no missing persons

We are all connected, and share elements
Of the tragedy and heroism of the human story
While we all flee from something
The workaholics are avoiding something

The obsessed mothers may feel guilty
But each human being is their own microcosm
Emma, your ghosts are not truly yours
They are the bridges you burnt

Along the path to nowhere
For we all arrive at the place of who we are inside
In the privacy of our souls, perhaps
Even we do not know the answers

That made us do the things we did
In the quest for independence, salvation
And purity, we fled into a simplicity
Of another way of being, it can be hard
For others to understand.

4 thoughts on “Promise of Flight #FindingEmma #EmmaFillipoff #Missingpersons #Canada #Victoria

    • Thanks Robin, up here in Canada a lot of women of native indian descent go missing with no follow up. This story, a young white woman from a more mainstream background got her own documentary, facebook, team of investigators and social media campaign!

  1. I’ve seen her face briefly on CTV or one of the other Canadian news channels. There are so many people disappearing; some purposely while others, mistakenly lost finding themselves face to face with death himself. Beautifully expressed.

    • Yes the, is pretty epic. So many of us creative souls struggle to find ourselves and rather, to find other people like us. The story was well produced. However, you are so right. People have strange paths that sometime require them to cut ties even with their own family. However devastating this may seem to others, people have the right to start over I suppose or commit suicide….

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