From the outside 

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From the outside

The end of things was when
You buried your love in another person
Forgot your vocation and passion
Displaced your heartbreak, into another book
Because, it was your nature to do so

I knew it as accurately, as the center
Of companionship that so many of us become
When flooded with love chemicals
Neurotransmitters of commitment
Until we forget what we are committed to

Until we forge what we are committed for
And we are committed to our own answers
Of what love must be, or might become
Eun Ji, I’m not surprised to find you
A canopy of stars before you shoot into words

It’s not intensity we crave then, but connection
That’s the kind of connection we get
From words, like the lyrics of gulls that never
Gets old, the music that always feels new
Nothing made me more acutely aware

Of heartbreak than hearing you speak
A lifetime away, like at the end of things.

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