What Molly Said

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What Molly Said

Ye Molly, bring all your dreams you dreamer
We have more in store for dawns
And voices so dear they feel too young

In our heart’s melodies rapture and ecstasy
I know not wisdom of the palace
But I’ve met beggars, with em hearts of gold
So tell me where does the cotton blow?
And how far does the sea reach for shores?

That I could wrap the wonder of the world
In the songs we sang, those acts that were
Our parodies of private philosophical blue

Write hard and clear about what hurts
Illuminate the way, for roads diverge
For the beauty of these differences
For the burning of horizon-Junes
That stretch like cinnamon stained memories

Of who we used to be, Molly, we’re dreamers still
Aren’t we? Let’s keep our faces
Always toward sunshine, for them children are watching
Our hearts are wolves that roam wild at times
The trouble with our kind is, we think we have time.

A home in the dark 

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A home in the dark

Eun Ji, how did I get wrapped up in this?
In the essence of what you write
I hold a beast, an angel, and a madman in that
I am a dream, within a dream, isn’t it?

Like a shadow afraid of the dark
I seek out your words as is for sustenance
That I’d prefer a subjective reason for being
Than a thousand material affirmations

To win and hold a heart in the purity
Of doing what you love, it’s that I most admire
To live our lives so well that death
Will tremble to take us, who knew

That when my time was up, I’d think of you
Eun Ji, it’s far-fetched, isn’t it lonely one?
We are the scientists trying to make sense
Of why we are made to love the stars

But the stars inside of us glow sometimes
Brighter and fainter for different people
When you transform into a butterfly
May I read the poems of when you
Were a caterpillar, and weep?

For Liturgies of Art 

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For Liturgies of Art

Eun Ji, how shall we find the shrine?
Of others that appear with our soul qualities
Freedom is too bitter-sweet and too inherently
Addictive, that we are lascivious in our faithfulness

Being too faithful to the spirit that moves us
You left him there at the square of hoards
I watched you go, turn from the inevitable
We are all prostitutes to this terrible world

That can be ruined in a moment
For lovers are not kind and husbands do not own us
Must we be as soldiers for our ideals?
In such a world that cares not for values

But so much more for profit, benefit, easy ROIs
I sometimes wonder how we all became corrupt.

Grieving for a List of Qualities 

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Grieving for a List of Qualities

Eun Ji, why does love do harmful things
To us who mope in sweet humility?
Are we not the most harmless people
Love is a fire, sword, has it done you awful harm?

No! Only words, only words of lost love
The treasures that were too shabby anyhow
And pain, like well-known eyes of attachment
Taken, or lips, a name of a dear baby

The idea of who we were with such and such a person
The months that seemed to hover in ecstasy
But Ah to give ourselves over to a greater power
Or let nature do with us what she may

Such are the traps and doves and gold
Of the inner life, and the sharing pacts
We make with other souls, even if temporary
All to craft our heart in more particular a form

How much we give and for whom, perhaps
It’s all a selfish play in the end, we are always
One step away from beauty, one step
In love not with the person but the idea of a person.

Verse Crafter

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Verse Crafter

So Eun Ji, if every verse is a child of love
Shall we keep on writing for a lifetime
These destitute hours of waiting
Doing what we love, like firstlings

Abandoning tradition and expectation
To become a writer, simple, blessed
With the expectation of the gulfs
Between our lives and those of common folk

Left by the road asleep, we memorize alphabets
In our instinct for narrative
We keep notes on the feelings
Who was our liege, who were the thieves?

Who ruined us young, that we might outgrow
Personality, ideas of greed and competition
Maybe I will be left alone here, waiting
Forever in the study of verse, that has

Only children of the mind to show
And a short list of failed relationship.