A home in the dark 

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A home in the dark

Eun Ji, how did I get wrapped up in this?
In the essence of what you write
I hold a beast, an angel, and a madman in that
I am a dream, within a dream, isn’t it?

Like a shadow afraid of the dark
I seek out your words as is for sustenance
That I’d prefer a subjective reason for being
Than a thousand material affirmations

To win and hold a heart in the purity
Of doing what you love, it’s that I most admire
To live our lives so well that death
Will tremble to take us, who knew

That when my time was up, I’d think of you
Eun Ji, it’s far-fetched, isn’t it lonely one?
We are the scientists trying to make sense
Of why we are made to love the stars

But the stars inside of us glow sometimes
Brighter and fainter for different people
When you transform into a butterfly
May I read the poems of when you
Were a caterpillar, and weep?

6 thoughts on “A home in the dark 

  1. This was lovely. I especially loved the last stanza. The part about the butterflies reminded me of a quote I love by Maya Angelou. I definitely feel like you have a muse behind your writings! (Is Eun Ji her name? ) Wishing you joy with your Eun JI!!

  2. Wow, that’s beautiful! I love the idea of interacting with another poet through your poems. I would love to see her work if you would like to post a link or one of her writings? Aren’t all poets muses as well? How many people have you’ve inspired to write and how many people inspired your writings? Just musings. (I had to throw that in there! :P) On a more serious note, I have a theory that the Victorian Era really created our modern idea of muses. . . Sorry for the long comment!

      • Not abnormal! A muse can come in all forms– look at an “Ode to a Grecian Urn” :p. And everyone relies on another for help, inspiration, interaction etc. Poets/Writers/Musicians are creative in this connection because they are able to capture and express this. However, I think all of your followers can agree we appreciate your creativity the most! 🙂

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