I have a Daughter, who is my heart 

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I have a Daughter, who is my heart

Eun Ji, today I saw a street musician
Who made me cry, his guitar cover read
“Funding album”, he was talented
It makes me wonder, where do

The downtrodden authors & artists go?
That we may encounter many defeats
But we must not be defeated
For in being a rainbow in somebody’s cloud

Maybe we can find a sweet sort of salvation
Like the way you influence younger authors
I know we all give back to our craft
What we can, and if we can laugh as much

As we cry, I want to accept the love of this world
In return, even if it’s barely convinced
It’s worthy to survive, I know all the attitudes
If love recognizes no boundaries, no barriers

Let our art penetrate right into the destinations
Of hope, the grandeur inspiration and
The sum total of everything that allows us
To carry on, in our darkest moments

We’re all illiterate in how to manifest our dreams
At first, and nothing will change unless we do
Our entire lives amount to the ache
And how bad the ache is, and what we do about it

We may rejoice in our small comforts
In our timidity and spinelessness, or take
Risks for what we believe should occupy our time
That may just be, the difference
Between living and existing, I know you feel it too.

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