I’d pause to die a little by the setting sun

Screen Shot 06-20-15 at 07.01 PM

Death loves immortality and nature
Finds death a lovely friend
She always knows when to come calling

We take the carriage
To infinity there
In the pause before

A divorce, a parent’s passing, a child’s coming
It’s epic to feel the roof of the universe
So close, so very intimate

With the tragedy and the gratitude
Colliding as it were, in an Eden
Of rampant change that will not

Let us rest, it’s irresistible
And a Force to be reckoned with
Death is not sinister, but natural

And we taste her every day
Beloved, we die a little bit every day
While men clamor after immortality

Power, status, the works
Women know that connecting and
Affirming life, is a much more valuable

Way of being, caring for the world
While we are alive, that’s meaning enough.

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