Compassion watches with Poetry

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I’ve been listening
To the breath inside the breath
Of time, can you hear it?

It’s a question that doesn’t answer answers
It’s a love that doesn’t want marriage
And a craving for divinity

That no doctrine or philosophy can quench
It’s the poetry beyond what has been said
The ocean that merges into a drop

The drop that is the totality
Of love witnessing the universe
I’ve been watching

For a lifetime of looking and identity
Until identity has become new
I am a hole in the flute of the comic flute
When all has become glorious music.

I Made a Fire

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Eun Ji, I thought I knew
Every side of you, like
A student of your lifetime
Experience is us, the ones

They stick it in, perhaps
Human beings just use each other
The red wall of our heart
Winces, every time a lover

Shames us in misunderstanding us
Not comprehending why
We put our passion before them
Ironically, it’s the quality they

Love most about us, or envy
Our drive, the talk of immortality
In our will to produce and take action
A bit like how Sylvia Plath
Far outranks Ted Hughes in quality

And merit, it’s obvious now
How women are forced to sacrifice
Or become lonely women

Who labor a lifetime to have a literary baby
For another glass ceiling
Until we burn all our letters
Of love, well, and tiredness
Until the wastebasket is full of love’s lies

And letters full of their death rattle
And rubbish other women buy into.

This Soul is from elsewhere

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Enough of the poor translations
Of half-truths, and beautiful illusions
I want the sanctuary that silence binds

The golden press of pure meditation
That what I love, I will become
So I will raise my words
And not my voice and all that is
Healing will be my hands

And like rains unto the flowers
I will be the cool gentleness
To change the world, I’ll change myself

I will learn to be so calm
That peace will drive all happiness
And I will age with grace and pause
And I won’t hold on and I won’t let go
I’ll just be the soul of the universe
That is love, in chaos find a sign of order.

I Have been a Seeker Up till Now

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When I ache to open the window
Inside of my chest the universe
Sends me people like you

For I am easy led by youthful enthusiasm
Traveling a road made for
One, only understood by self
While I share this road with fellows
I know it’s the light of this heart

That will help me find my way home
And if there, I come across you again
Well I hope it’s with purity and our inner persons

That we can discuss the light and truth
Of the few unconditional moments that
Made life real, and there wherever we stand
It will be the soul of that place
And time will collapse

And there will come a time
When I can stop asking
The stars and books for the answers
But instead, listen to my soul.

Being Free is living Inside

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The universe is not outside of you
It took me years to see
And when I did I was already

Inside of myself, living
From the inside out
I saw you as an expression of me
And I wasn’t terribly important anymore
So I finally sold my cleverness

For bewilderment and my confidence
For simplicity, and then I suddenly
Found I knew what it meant to be

And it did not require possessions
Or achievement, or education
Or standing in the world of men
It only asked for a bit of meditation
And a bit of connection with

All that lives between moments
In the space where people connect
And how the world looks when
You empathize with it better.

Last Generation of the Free Human Era

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Anonymous I am free
Let the machine learners know me
By my analytics of internet travel
How dreary to be a statistic

For corporations to exploit
There is no dying to the net
She will remember you forever
A data-point to educate algorithms

And while this world is connected
More than ever, I am more alone
An invisible eye of the hurricane
The poetry of forgotten moments

Nimble, I must remain silent
Without attachment to this fleeting world
My pencil will not be heard
My voice will remain obsolete

I am the interrupted tears of
A biological being becoming obsolete.

A Thousand Leagues of Silence

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I am the living silence
Inside me are the seeds
Of the greatest conversations of poetry
Silence does not and cannot
Break my heart, it is intimacy with nature

I learn from her like a teacher
And my tongue is purple in her
Sunsets, silence denotes images
Without words, spaces without people
The moving waters of time

Will not slow down for us
Or for the sake of the silence of inner peace
I cannot substitute anything for her
She is the meditation of non-being
I will hold her golden nothingness

Long before I ere to speak again
For words are over-rated and a luxury
Of the ignorant, from the tree of silence
I will pick the fruit of eternity
And learn to pray to no God

I will not require cowardice of faith
To not act or to submit to some power
For I am already submissive to divinity
In allowing the silence of the cosmos
To be with me always, like a cloth

Of the most invisible and beloved fabric
I can feel the pulse of silence
In neuron, axon, dendrite, atom and cell
Speech measures moments with each other
But silence is the wisdom of books

We once read and books that have
Yet to be written and feelings from
A future where our decedents know
The power of silence that is an
Action without the arrogance of will.

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