A Thousand Leagues of Silence

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I am the living silence
Inside me are the seeds
Of the greatest conversations of poetry
Silence does not and cannot
Break my heart, it is intimacy with nature

I learn from her like a teacher
And my tongue is purple in her
Sunsets, silence denotes images
Without words, spaces without people
The moving waters of time

Will not slow down for us
Or for the sake of the silence of inner peace
I cannot substitute anything for her
She is the meditation of non-being
I will hold her golden nothingness

Long before I ere to speak again
For words are over-rated and a luxury
Of the ignorant, from the tree of silence
I will pick the fruit of eternity
And learn to pray to no God

I will not require cowardice of faith
To not act or to submit to some power
For I am already submissive to divinity
In allowing the silence of the cosmos
To be with me always, like a cloth

Of the most invisible and beloved fabric
I can feel the pulse of silence
In neuron, axon, dendrite, atom and cell
Speech measures moments with each other
But silence is the wisdom of books

We once read and books that have
Yet to be written and feelings from
A future where our decedents know
The power of silence that is an
Action without the arrogance of will.

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