Being Free is living Inside

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The universe is not outside of you
It took me years to see
And when I did I was already

Inside of myself, living
From the inside out
I saw you as an expression of me
And I wasn’t terribly important anymore
So I finally sold my cleverness

For bewilderment and my confidence
For simplicity, and then I suddenly
Found I knew what it meant to be

And it did not require possessions
Or achievement, or education
Or standing in the world of men
It only asked for a bit of meditation
And a bit of connection with

All that lives between moments
In the space where people connect
And how the world looks when
You empathize with it better.

6 thoughts on “Being Free is living Inside

  1. Love that transcends language, culture, country is unique.

    It is the human heart that can bypass all the appearances of this world.

    To be in love’s embrace with nothing more than the air that binds one human to another.

    This is the awakening of the possibility granted to one another.

    Atul Ranchod

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