Compassion watches with Poetry

Screen Shot 06-22-15 at 12.43 AM

I’ve been listening
To the breath inside the breath
Of time, can you hear it?

It’s a question that doesn’t answer answers
It’s a love that doesn’t want marriage
And a craving for divinity

That no doctrine or philosophy can quench
It’s the poetry beyond what has been said
The ocean that merges into a drop

The drop that is the totality
Of love witnessing the universe
I’ve been watching

For a lifetime of looking and identity
Until identity has become new
I am a hole in the flute of the comic flute
When all has become glorious music.

9 thoughts on “Compassion watches with Poetry

  1. Beautiful poem. Such discovery. If you don’t mind my asking…did you mean “cosmic” instead of “comic” flute in the next to last line? 🙂

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