One Glorious Good Impression 

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One Glorious Good Impression

Why is your voice like eternal musick speak!
A thousand beauties I spot in your
Triumphant air, that smiles would appear
In my gardened heart open wide

All hail illustrious daughter of the East
Who would come here so young
My muse never fail’d to obey a pure one
And new-born reasons come to my ear

And I hear the Imitation of envying fair
And all that is eloquent that I will never be
Hopeful that my noblest sense does not
Lead me astray, that my wit breaks on language
Of the finest mirth, who from a Lovely Face
Can only sigh, and give all vertues in small service

And adore, Rays of a triumphant mind
That would find a chorus in a girl’s sweetness
And awes of the most innocent affible sort
To say that Right who gains the Day

Without an Angel, and within a Saint
I’ll murmur till this great world divides
On other planets where dazzling brightness goes
Our descents will smile on our wilde Nations
And our just compliance of loving defiance.

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