On Futurism in the Moment 

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I don’t believe in living
In the present, I don’t agree.
With all the quotes that say so
We have to conform in the present

With how the world will be in forty years
For that will be the present soon enough
We have to know what’s inevitable
And work to speed up those changes

For in conforming to the future
We are truly in harmony with the past
For we live in a current of historical momentum
So powerful, we are agents of it

So when I hear the phrase “living in the moment”
I find it terribly naive and hopelessly out of touch
With the spirit of time and the zeitgeist
It’s counter-intuitive, however, a certain amount

Of cultural homogeneity is inevitable
So to drop our differences is a good thing
To adopt the common trend
To augment intelligence with artificial intelligence

For an older generation, it’s adopting social media
To use analytics, to partner with machine-learning
It’s the only way this species will survive
Better to be partners than enslaved
Conforming with the future is the real present.

3 thoughts on “On Futurism in the Moment 

  1. An interesting perspective Wuji – especially considering, as an example, that 65% of jobs that will exist in 10 years time have not even been thought of yet!
    Of course, living in the moment, in the now, does not necessarily mean conforming (and that’s another perspective /dimension!) does it? Could it not simply refer to an awareness of this moment whilst embracing both past and future as we travel the “current of historical momentum” and create the future from each moment we live in and through? Just a thought…

    • Sounds like you are a bit more optimistic about humanity Rob. I don’t give humanity that much credit, since we “invented” the concept of time, we’ve shown very poor ability to learn from it.

      • Agreed Wuji, the path humans persist in choosing is going to make it very difficult for the majority of humanity to adapt to and live with the future – when their perception of control and comfort zones will be (and is being) taken away. On the other hand, I suppose they will just try to hand over responsibility for their lives to the developing technology. As you say, thereby becoming ‘enslaved’ – although most people are enslaved by their own thinking anyway. Hence my hope that an individual awareness of and in the moment and the choices each one makes there will open up minds to a different way of being – where time becomes irrelevant and only the experience is important. It’s going to happen anyway!

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