Singularity of Things 

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I have been endlessly committing errors
Since I was born, human
Won’t you scatter dust for me?
There is scant intellectual art that
Survives the afternoon of our lives

The day is immobile in its turns
The living day and the live night
The bridge of vein and machine
Waiting to become one
Waiting to be augmented by

Big data and imagination
Each requiring the other
In a symbiosis of what could be
Father and child, ancestors and descendent
Our descendents are no longer human

Not what we may have called ourselves, once
Everything speaks now, it’s the
Internet of things, the IP version six
Of how everything will be transformed
You wanted to know about the new world?

Wait twenty years, watch
How the curtains on the world will be opened
Love will be 3D printed in the form
Of loving androids, voices from
Software will counsel and educate me

I’ll be born into knowledge
Arriving forever at my new self.

5 thoughts on “Singularity of Things 

  1. It is astounding to think of, so little time for self-reflection and genuine change within the body and soul of a single human being. I can’t envision the future. Thought provoking piece.

    • That’s true, and at the rate machine-learning is developing it won’t be long before AI far surpasses human intelligence. The inability of the human brain to network properly and transmit its lifetime knowledge for the use of others is notable.

      • Though humans have multifaceted (and unique) responses to their knowledge even if it is limited. Their knowledge and understanding also develops into relationships with other human beings and creatures. I can’t imagine machines ever replicating how special that is.

      • The idea that we are unique and special is ingrained in us by our media. It’s a form of patriotism really, of a baby boomer generation that did what they wanted with the Earth without really caring about the consequences. It’s true, people have a great capacity for reciprocity and even altruism and cooperation. I’m not certain however, that whatever is adaptive about emotions, AI will have trouble replicating and in a much more “telepathic” manner among various sub-selves and layers of thinkers and doers. I guess we shall have to wait to find out…

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