To a Younger Poetess 

Screen Shot 07-01-15 at 12.29 PM

What ever happens between us, your body
My body, let it not come between our
Minds, our splendid conversations full of
Light-hearted and cognitive intricacy

Your slender fingers of soul
Reaching into my empowerment
You nurture my little mental life
With your wispy spiritual somersaults

Your writer’s frenzy and literary ambition
Until I no longer exist, I am a half-curled
Froth of intellectual ecstasy with you
We soup together in diverse literary engagements

* * *

Wishing we’d have more years to converse
About the nature of art and limitations of language
To embody emotions and derive meaning
In such a wishy-washy language as English

And without much spiritual power as Sanskrit
Or simplicity of Mandarin, or how poetry
Happens in the interaction with life
Whatever happens been our floating sexuality

* * *

The dance of our young nimble caresses
Remember that our fraternity goes beyond
Corporeal attraction but is fused in mental affinity.

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