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With shy solemnity I swallow experience
And with gold amenity of gratitude
I bathe in the life created for me

By tardy flowers of my nature
They will bloom simply
And I will arch to the sky effortlessly
O dark bright glittering stars

Visible is the universe to me
Wide from the world, I’d leave it behind
With stolen hours for another tomorrow
The world can jealously be all those things
That I wish not to see, artificial motivations

Memes divorced from physicality
I’d prefer to stay organic, neutral, unallied
To the treachery of information corruption.

5 thoughts on “After-Simplicity-Glow

  1. In that quiet place The Master waits
    You can only move forward now
    I stare at a black wall of the heart and mind and I can not pass
    You live the Natural way
    You are a great warrior poet
    Do you have your Joy
    Sing a new song!

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