Garden of Venus in Taurus 

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I crossed paths with a girl
And her eyes were like Asian fireflies
I’m not quite sure in the dark

How her eyes turned liquid blue
Somewhere between autumns suns
And October leaves and sapphire blue

I was baptized by her eerie youth
All to say her circus curiosity
And her eternal sunlit virginity
Felt like virtue’s half-lit curtain
Of failing signs of language, candles on the altars

Dresses that felt like novels in the light of the moon
And little hands like the wonder tools
Of unkissed cheeks on aloof balconies

Watching the world, and never experiencing
Never being baptized by summer blooms
Or feeling the night’s crime of seductions

I crossed paths with a girl
Who was young and in no hurry
Her insomniac words hung like mist
On the landscapes of the timid voices
That are like dawns and forgotten whispers

Or stray cats we liked to pet while sleep-walking
From one place to another, it’s cruel
How on the rooftops of our lives
We’re mute sometimes, we’re like butterflies
Who don’t know where the flowers are at.

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