8 thoughts on “Environmental Terrorism

      • I am an eternal optimist – naive maybe – but deep inside each person has to be a spark of the divine – just needs to be ignited – then their choice whether to act or not – whether to hear conscience – so, hopefully, provoking and prodding in uncomfortable areas shifts the veils, blows the cobwebs and gives opportunity! I do hope so……

      • I respect that fully! I think for me I grew up very trusting and was surprised when my world view didn’t match my personality reality over time. I’m sure I will overcome this temporary immaturity of not being idealistic, optimistic and seeing the good again.

      • Interesting! I also grew up trusting and believing in people and had a huge shock when I realised my perspective was not what the reality seems to be! I have since come to accept, for myself, that we choose our perspectives and to a large extent, our realities. Each of us see the world our own way and, as you say, I respect that fully, even if it’s not the way I see it. Each to our own – and what one person may see as ‘good’ is not necessarily the same as the next person. Same for everything (love, hate, religion, God, source, energy, life, etc.), and that’s okay not so? I can only really be concerned with my own thoughts and actions – therein my responsibility! Just how I’m seeing things now – which can change too! Isn’t life great? 🙂

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