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Eun Ji, why is this life a workhouse?

We are quarantined in our little lives

While the freezing stars never arrived

We are cold of being hungry for something

We cannot name, toxins from the whole history

Read to implode in who we have become

Because we have let the world become like this?

There aren’t love poems that can break this threshold

And there aren’t people who can get through to me

Eun Ji, when the worst hour of the worst season

Of our lives came, was anyone there?

There is no place safe from the merciless inventory

Of time, I’ve seen them all drop dead and leave

Like lonely years where winter doesn’t have a name

I’ve felt the quarantine of immortality, and the blessed

Relief of change, these temporary moments

Cannot hope enough, to save the world

And we are stuck getting ready for oblivion.

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