On How to do Intrinsic Literature

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Eun Ji, one day do you suppose

We will stand outside of history?

We felt like outsiders, aliens, imposters

Our dreams were for centuries, not decades

Thousands of years from now

What will attention and consciousness feel like?

Under the remains of what was once

Art, literature, writing, poetry

We made myths in history and found

More meaning in it than in what

The world could offer us, wasn’t that

The ultimate choice, the biggest abandonment

We divorced reality on our own terms

Becoming recluses, we set the world on fire

In our minds, with paper hearts we

Broke our heart on men, on trivial women

On people that didn’t know

The kind of sacrifices it takes to be an artist

They were normal, living landscapes

Of cost and benefit analysis,

Like how to acquire more financial resources

Or which significant other to mate with

For successful children and for some

Mistaken sense of what descendents and legacy mean.

14 thoughts on “On How to do Intrinsic Literature

  1. Yep, you did it again. I feel like the last of the descendants of poetics left. Hanging on by my fingertips and the world doesn’t know or care that I’m slipping. Our kind bring so much to the world, what a shame. If I’m going out, I’m doing it with a bang!

  2. If you are near to me, I would’ve argue with you on many subjects of life beautifully in our own terms. You have never fail to impress me with all your poems. I would love to dig your mind and be inside it and see how it works. You are a true artist yourself. 🙂

      • Well, I am your fan for sure! Just sometimes I have not much the time because of work. But when I do, I shall visit this place and feeling excited reading everything – like a little girl at her birthday. **giggle**

        But I am still an amateur if comparing with you, my dear Wuji. 🙂

  3. This period in history will seem like madness to future generations. All the focus on matching things up perfectly takes away from the chaotic elements that are necessary for a cultural explosion, not to mention a complete life experience.

      • The glorification of status symbols per items/brands owned, coupled with matching up with people of similar or high tastes, takes away from the value and discovery one encounters when shunning this model. If we take away these cowls, then we’re able to experience the very essence of everyone we meet, not just the superficial identity.

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