Braided on bended knee

Screen Shot 08-05-15 at 03.12 PM

It is love! white, lasting, forever love!
Which thus hath driven me
Away from all pride
Over to kindred peace

From social pleasure, and into
The native home of all hearts
My heart wanders on the
Underbelly of the earth

Women dance in my mind like
Empowering life and youth and sustenance
I am drunk in fortune
And inner prosperity which has

Emotions as bright as landscapes
And impressed upon my mind
Like Instagram glowing faces
With all the harmony that youth

Can drown our aging gloom
It is love! why, of course, reincarnated
In another form, we are all the same
In the confusion of the dream

We find our shared realities
Like sport, like blood caught in the throat
For eyes and innocence and essences.

Screen Shot 08-05-15 at 03.12 PM 001

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