The Kali Matrix 

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The Kali Matrix

I’m ready to be defeated now
To have the courage to change
That in risking something, I might gain
And by gaining, I might learn

For to be reciprocal with life
I have to learn how to better give
And I’m ready to make errors, make mistakes
And if that means I’ll face my fears

I would like to lose everything
I once held dear, to be able to
Overcome the psycho-motivational resistance
For me to become what I am capable

I won’t use up my creativity
I’m ready to innovate on a whole new level
And entirely adapt to a new world
That is being built beyond our senses

It’s a digital internet of things
And I believe if we are to be part of the future
We have to become accomplished at something
That we truly love, there is no other option

Doing something well, and living for something
That’s the difference in being
A follower and an entrepreneur
Leadership is the authenticity and courage to follow
The inner compass, no matter the odds.

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