Had I Been in Love with the World

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Eun Ji, is it true when they say:
The dead of midnight is the noon of thought?
I write so often after midnight
And wonder how your evening goes

When one by one our dreams are torn
How should we make a great mark
Upon the world, and finding
That there are no important objects

What shall we do with the rest
Of these years, as friends mourn
How sweet it will be to die with poems
And if it’s not what we say or think

That defines us, what can we do?
Is loving enough? I have no notion
Of loving people by halves
But if our attachments are excessively strong

Should we then be torn from
Changing the world, and piercing the soul
Of the many, forgetting the few
Who may have given us something

Or who may have led us astray from our mission
We reach a point in life when
We are no longer satisfied with being agreeable
It saves people that trouble asking us
To change for them, such a useless endeavour.

3 thoughts on “Had I Been in Love with the World

  1. I too find myself writing when dreams should be invading. Your poetry speaks to all of us who work diligently into the night getting out the clutter of words bottlenecked from the day’s tasks. Thank you for yet again, a beautiful and insightful poem!

  2. We are the creature of the night … I write too, always after midnight.
    My husband would snore on my side and he is so used to it that his wife do writing at such time.

    When he is awake, he would ask me, “Are you still writing? What do you write?”

    I would tease. “Well, all my secret desires!”

    And he would ask …, “Am I in it?”

    And I answered. “No. Some other guys!”

    Then he would awake wide and I laughed. Gosh, I love to tease him like that and he said I am so mean to him – and that right in the middle of the night! hehehehe ….

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