Jupiter Rising for Those Who Love 

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When I can look at life in the eyes
Of the heart, from the heart of my eyes
I see the calm of everything
The current of love beneath time

And it shall not be memory
For existence is only fresh in experience
Silent as a woman waiting for love
It’s not enough to act or listen

The world waits for the spring
And youth comes only once
In meagre compensation for biology!
I should be glad for loneliness

And hours to wonder what is divine
And a thirst body that amounts to
An empty heart to fill the jewels
Of single songs of people dear

And lovely melodies full of light
If I have loved much and been loved deeply
It is enough, enough to say
It will soon be over, on a hushed winter’s night.

8 thoughts on “Jupiter Rising for Those Who Love 

    • Thank you Dara, that’s definitely my current mood. My Dad continues to decline with terminal cancer, so my mood is impish and cold at best these days…

      • These things that seem to be contrary to nature, creep among us. I sat by my aunt as she passed unto worlds unknown from cancer. It was both sad and beautiful. Sending you strength, my friend 🙂

      • Thank you, it’s a joy to write some poems and have some conversation, no matter how small. All these threads of dialogues are healing in their own right…

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