No Riverbanks left clean 

Screen Shot 09-05-15 at 09.10 AM

The mouth of time is swallowing me
Along the borders of sorrow
That pieces sweetly, I awake
From another night of white gull dreams

To find my head and land
Has been given away to emperors
This is the future, though it feels like the past
Songs of the wild rice, tossed above

The lotus pond, between the places
Where birds travel over old fishermen
If there is heaven high, it’s not circling here
The once headless two trillion trees

Are undoing claims to paths, man-made
Frustrated, I abandon my cup of leisure
I am someone’s guest, in this sheet of skin
I am in someone’s womb, my mother here

And I may see Spring bright and delicate
But autumn is in my heart, dark-red
West of the river water, rotten-peach.

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