Notes from the Future Underground

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(Love letters to Asia)

I snow dive into you
Like the air of Autumn beating
Against your chest, the yearning

Of youth that is no longer young
Trapped in an aging body
My face knows no mercy!
I am the dove of white stitching
With a heart for a stranger’s smile

I’m an open lake of enigmas and
Surreal plaything of golden leaves
If you wish to, look into my eyes

There is nothing but guarded purity there
An endless array of ideals before sunset
I’ve cherished things and people
I will never meet, never see
But simply by knowing they exist

I am made more noble, more caring
About a world that shows only
It’s rough underbelly, it’s trials and stupidities

A civilization so vulnerable that believes
Capitalism will last forever
But I see the cracks in the system
The memory of corruption bare
And I will not agree to disagree, I will fight

For a revolution if need be, while I am young
Chilled and numb, I will not take
My place among the profiteers

Who joyless create a dead world
I drink to my soul, with the straws of eternity
And have distance foundations in my view
I strategize with machine learning paradigms
For more than flowers of written down words

I strive for an Autumn of convergence
That won’t be attainable until many years from now.


P.S. Instagram is blocked in China.

10 thoughts on “Notes from the Future Underground

  1. Neat. Hey, Wuji, I just clicked on your Instagram link. I’m not up there but does it allow you to write your poems on images or is that just something you did? Sorry, I’m technologically illiterate. 🙂

    • When I do is take screen shots on my mobile phone of my blog, and post them on Instagram, I then edit the photos on photo apps on my phone, that works for me but I still have to find a better solution.

      • Interesting. I will take a look and consider signing up. I love the picture idea. I have used ‘paint’ on my computer to put some quotes on but have looked into other options to no avail. I just love pics with poems.

      • Yes the majority of the Instagram poets are just quotes, it’s a bit silly. I also prefer them with photos. But I find the whole scene there puts wordpress, twitter and facebook to shame. Much rather be where the traffic is. Even if I’m there with gangster poets and glamour girls.

      • Oh, really? I’ve wondered about Instagram, haven’t tried it yet. I have left Facebook and Twitter, seemed pointless. Google plus was such a joke! Now I just have my blog but am always looking for a new poetry outlet.

      • Me too, I just find it motivating to try new things….since the update on wordpress, I get a lot less views. It’s all gearing up for mobile it seems. Instagram is mobile only, so it’s sorta special in that sense.

      • I think that’s why I didn’t join before. My android never did post correctly with WordPress but I have a new phone now, so maybe. I guess you have to get an app or something for Instagram? Boy, this technology!

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