Sound of the Future Poetry



To the sound of words I pay homage
They could be anybody’s
I acknowledge language pierces through me
A composite nature of neuron hungry

For a world that is describable to sense
Not native to noble origin, but
Managing emotional being tremendously
Quick witted, humorous, proud

I am an imperfect soul in an imperfect world
It’s chaos here, on the News, fabricated
In the city, where conflict is orchestrated
To the sound of words I must return

They belong to everyone
I acknowledge the rite of music
In passing, in brief experience, that repeats
We are rustic emblems of mythology

Patriots and parrots of change, revolution is
Not distinct from acts of good or evil
We are instruments, there’s only time
We are the droop of light on a short flight

We are the soul besides unreal ideas
And manifest destiny in small terms
With gorgeous nonsense by our side
To explain it all, yielding I am sure we go on

With just enough imagination to accept
What we believe is possible to feel delight
For the tremendous unknown, the future
Evolution determines that we delight in it
Like the new stuff of what our daughters might communicate.

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