Solace in the Sun





I received an envelope from the universe

It had your stamp in it, a sun within a cheek

Of the heart I never knew existed

And I wanted to please you like a burning star


But I could not reach you across

Distances or time, across the climes

Of fate and heights and wonderment

I woke to find my life had bled


Uncertainty and too much cowardice

I opened up the letter from my soul

To find my body had died long ago

And I knew you by your energy


I didn’t require eyes or breath or a brain

To know that somewhere our flames had mingled

Light with light, a hand with a hand

A home that never had a family to call my own


I was abandoned, brittle, and deformed

But I knew you existed, and that was a weird solace.


10 thoughts on “Solace in the Sun

      • I just saw I wrote Wuhi on my small phone when I was out instead of Wuji, sorry about that. Perhaps we should just revel in the fact that we have not died to our bodies because in fact we did not have bodies to begin with and we lived and continue to live in the forever within our etheric selves. Then of course we would live flames mingled, breath in breath, idea of body within body. Your poetry is beautiful as usual. I missed reading it as for some reason your posts were not showing on my reader.

      • I like that, etheric selves. I did not write for a long while. It’s for people like you that I write in a sense, although it’s probably a very selfish art in the end. Not being a commercial poet has its benefits. I wish I could convey my love of India and Asia in poems, maybe one day I will find a way to do that…

      • We always are able to talk about what we love and what better way to talk than through poetry. You should write more often. Your poetry is so compelling and I personally think that sharing poetry is the least selfish thing in the world as you share pieces of your own soul with others.

      • I’m glad you think that way! I’ve written for years to nobody in particular, but it has brought me a lot bliss and a steady stream of muses.

      • We may start out as what we percieve as a selfish process and then we discover that it is filled with generosity. Of course it does encompass a lot of personal rewards but is that not a component of the law of attraction?

      • Art is a shared prosperity and that’s usually enough for me. The rest of my life is so simple, so distilled, so de constructed. My poverty was only to help me focus on what I valued most…

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