Ode to Epigrams



The Sun also rises

So says the Epigraphs

The fragments of Sappho


Lost to funny history

Pithy saying, clever last wishes

Give me liberty, dreams and poise


For wisdom in brevity

This world is blind to the

Causes of her true happiness


If life were fair, art would not rejoice

In the disbelief of suffering

The aphorisms of despair


Axioms, Hakiu, sermons of sentience

There are no couplet daffodils left

Only perhaps epitaph tweets


That go unread in the hoodwinked hours

Of our celestial clowning

And commonplace anonymity


Where to err is just, and to fail is to incite

Our soul to rest from brilliant heights

To put on the puns of last resorts


Insult the world before she revels her riddles

The night is young, the days are old

The Sun also rises and a quote feels divine

Here’s another epigram, here’s another universe.

16 thoughts on “Ode to Epigrams

  1. Your poem are undeniably riveting.
    Your words diligently created an almost mystical realm that subdued the reality of this life itself. My mind is locked in a place Impossible to imagine where it is when I am reading your poems. Truly beautiful.

      • Awww … thank you.
        Just that I did noticed that you have not appear for a long time on WP. I was very happy to see you still do write.

        Long ago I did stopped writing as my heart has not the strength to go on and it took me a very long time to get up again and find my way in between the journey where I was lost and broken for awhile ….

        Now, as I am older and wiser, (I hope) LOL, that truly I find the joy to write more and it helps me to find the better-me as a person …

        And always a true joy to read talented writer like you too, Wuji!


      • Yes real life has caught up with me! But for sure in the winter I’ll be back stronger. Welcome back! It’s lovely to find our way through writing and loving in words.

      • Actually, I have an Instagram account for years, but never really use it for a long time. And I cannot remember its password, anymore.

        My family and friends told me many times to open a new account as many of them (I mean none of the, actually, are writer or blogger like me) and it is one way to able to stay in contact. As many of them also, does not have Twitter or FB account, neither Tumblr.

        I will open a new account when I got home. I will send you the link soon.

        Wish you a good day, Wuji!

      • I should like to see your new Instagram, with some photos of this trip perhaps? If you are not too lazy. Thank you Sherrie, poets also reside on Instagram, in strange undergrounds. Your scary stories even could live there…

      • LOL Lazy is not the problem, Wuji!
        It is just being busy are the main problem for most of us.

        If you mentioned about poets reside in strange undergrounds, I think many of us experienced of such. We are writers, painters, artists alike. No one can understand us but ‘us’. Normal people don’t. We are likely to always reside on the dark side of life … We know better of that deep dark side of the human being …

        That is why it is important for us all to try to lift up our spirits anew and seeing the sunlight that brightens up some part of our selves …

        I can even read and feel those in your many poems as well. I understood you very well in there. That makes it tragic at the same time as it is so beautiful …

        So, one more time I have got to say that you are such a very talented writer yourself … I highly respected that, Wuji. And I do mean it on what I say …

  2. Just like you, I was absent for a while.
    Had a load of things happened in life and quite busy.
    I have been through so much lately that I had to put a stop to it before I break myself with it.
    Like anyone else, I need the rest, the healing and be strong again.

    Now, I keep up my vacation blog here for the past four days as I am writing far away in a rented room in northenwestern France. And I am still, on vacation. Now, while checking, responding and greeting everyone as many as possible at WP, I enjoyed my morning coffee and breakfast before off to the next trip.

    This night when I settle in my room again, for sure I will come here and check on you again, too. Will read your poems – I admit, I do miss your words. And if you have the time, please do visit me as well. I would be so happy to see your face appearing there as well!

    Until then, I wish you all the joy and have a very lovely day, Wuji!


    • It sounds like you are having a lovely time there. That guy Lucas was pretty cute too! Do try and get some rest and heal fully as much as you can through the trip.

      • Oh, thank you, Wuji!
        Yesterday, I did not do much. Just relaxing by the sea, read and writing much. I really do need this.
        I had been through so much the past days and weeks, and this vacation gives me strength and healing along the way.

        Lucas is pretty cute??? LOL
        He thinks I am adorable and keep on staring at me! ALL THE TIME!
        And he did not even hide it at all!

        I will check on you soon enough. Missing your beautiful riveting poems.
        I wish you a lovely, lovely day!

      • Ah, maybe, maybe … and some things are not meant to be either … this life provides more impossible roads for us … and all we need to do is to be brave enough to chose one. But every road has its the risk of its own in many shapes and forms, yes.

        Well, this vacation has no romance at all, although someone like Lucas perhaps did dreamed on it when he met me. But it was not his time …

        I wish him all the best in life and wish him the happiness he dream of …


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