Isn’t It

Haemi’s heartbeat is listening to the Autumn dew

Listening to breathing with the warm sun softly nestled

On the branches of our healed hearts

Where there’s no poverty in loving

And no boredom in risking the gift of sharing

Where the blur ends and we all begin together

Isn’t it funny how the world works

That our self collides and is smashed by positive emotions

In a good way, with honesty and butterflies

And Autumn’s skilled repair of our sweet eternities

Haemi’s listening to the cosmos today, I read it on her lips

Against the bones of knowing life depends

A small drop of sweetness can build a mountain of faith

And the pen of kindness writes rainbows for the lonely

God it is lonely sometimes, Isn’t it?

Where mothers cannot pretend they don’t know how to give

And today is a collision of all that we ever wanted, without quite knowing it

We’re lit by the wonder of all it all, the universe of rushing care

Haemi’s gotten herself little by little, clustered into a new voice

Where hangs horizons of the courage of fruition, that’s a visitation

I won’t soon forget, it’s lovely how our lives overlap, isn’t it?

Where survival is not so much fun as to save, and sharing

Is the first step to authenticity, I drip without knowing how

We got ourselves into this oneness in the first place

Haemi’s been a bit like a Sufi, in a way, isn’t it?

Like little bits and pieces growing together, she would say:

Branches that fit beautiful together, isn’t it?

I’ve translated you into the fields of true colors

But it doesn’t matter how the world frames our adventure

It is still our life to enjoy, with feelings pioneering new experiences

Isn’t it…..




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