Inès – Daughter of Art

Ines myth

Inès, the wild rush of phantoms of the artists

The lion’s strength that seizes singular moments

The breath of time on the lids of all beauty

O’ how the entire world’s cities spin with thee!


Inès, the emperor must know the eclipse is coming

I can feel your fire next to me, like a candle’s heat to the palm

Blessed time, quickening with a strange delight

Of electricity’s rampant swirling sunshine


Inès, daughter of the muse, my treasure in the dust

Where radiant suns throw away their comforts and books

There’s no clearer confusion then your passionate moods

That lift me up from my own sombre routine


Inès, trumpet of mythology, designer of the dawns

Look up to the sky, this is all that you could become

Breathless expanse, turning on a fragile opportunity

Where the entire world remembers its thirsty beauty


Inès, tightly cling to me, make lucid the light that

Can penetrate all the moods of lesser men

The world is enchanted by you, and you do not realize it –

Leave the mourning choir for the future’s puissance.




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