I never met a Princeton girl with such a big right brain
Big like the ocean of China’s youth burning for authenticity
I never met an Uber woman who made me smile so candidly
A key opinion leader from Woohoo, Miss Apple with message from Tree-houses

I over-do it, in my weakness for your humanity
Your portrait and words make me believe in China
But you are not a Chinese person, global citizen
Global citizen who loves yoga and being free

Author at the intersection of Entrepreneurship
You are an idiom of the deeper meaning of life
In a world where our values have become so superficial
You are the symbol of a mafia of a new kind of purity

I never met street food from the spirit before
As much as I cry, or howl or tease
It’s this soul-searching that changes the world
It’s these vowels of experimentation from Shanghai to L.A.

Instil the positive values of what makes you whole
The passage from China to expiring visas isn’t easy
And even Wall-street or the Uber Mafia may not understand you
But the world will, we’ll take you into our arms, homes, stories

Because we see a bit of ourselves in you
The wanderer, the creator, the bravery
We would have hoped for our own children
And I cannot fit you into a poem, because you are too wonderful

Chenyu, be hospitable, be confident to your true look
Dive deeper in the artists in you and marry it with the people
You are an ambassador for the people to remember
What is truly important, the human connection that transcends

The journey that ennobles, the warmth that creates
Understanding of how to not use, but experience
Write a book to save your life, paint to barter
Blessed is the way of artists and philanthropists

Nomads that have no fear, fluent in the content their thirst
If only you knew your power to inspire
All deadlines would be achieved
In the manifestation of our innate creativity.

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