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Wuji has been writing since 2003. Self-taught when he was living in the alternative community of Auroville in South India, his first interest was in philosophy and inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s epic book of poetry titled Savitri. He enjoyed the intuitive canvas of how poetry can communicate ideas, values and spiritual realities in a more direct and personal manner. He started writing then and has since gone through many phases in his writing.

Wuji was introduced to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram poets whose primary function was to write about their “sadhana”, the inner training of their spiritual practice. Raised in the school of mystical poets then, which has no time or place, Wuji quickly became fond of Sufi, Taoist, Hindu Bhakti, Christian mystics and poets that you might find on After periods of becoming acquainted with the Romantic canon and with a special interest in female poets, Wuji read dozens and hundreds of authors and especially those from antiquity, from different countries (in translation) and in different time-periods.

Wuji’s technique is akin to speed writing which allows him to write up to twenty-five poems a day of full writing. His body of work spans 8 thousand individual short poems, and he has been noted to have powerful ‘last lines’ or end phrasing of his short pieces. He has an MFA in poetry from the world of literature from the University of Actually writing, with a specialization in meta-literature, that is the topic of writing about writing, poetry and the identity of an artist.

Wuji’s style is thus perennial, and not characteristically modern. He has favourite themes such as poetry, transhumanism, death, gratitude, Spring and eulogies to various phases of experience. He is known to dabble in love-poetry and even erotic verse.

This blog was created on April 7th, 2013. Since Wuji has never been officially published, he does not have any official reviews to his work, though his testimonials amount to a few snippets he has collected along the way and only recently. You may read some of them here and now at the end of this.

Wuji really welcomes interaction of all kinds, so feel free to talk with him about poetry here:

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He currently lives in Montreal, Canada in Verdun, a little neighbourhood filled with churches with a river nearby. As of 2015, he is slowly learning traditional Mandarin and hopes to write in that language one day.

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Testimonial Snippets 

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35 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Nice tats! At the age of 48, I put two tattoos on each shoulder and one on my upper back: Love, Majesty (right arm), Now, Forever (left arm), and God (Teach Again) on my back in Kanji symbols. Wondering what the number means for you?

    • Ah thanks, they are tatoos, just a marker prank, something akin to “I love Taiwan”! 520 is in Mandarin sounds like “I love you”. I wish I had the courage to stamp things on my body, but I’m a bit of a naturalist at heart.

  2. I am awed by your life experience and writing practices. While intrigued, I lack the discipline and training that you do, yet Spirit and the search for understanding often underlies my words. Going to follow for awhile. Appreciate the like.

    • Thank you, it’s always nice to feel supported. It doesn’t feel like discipline when it’s a passion, when you find muses everywhere and in all things. The search is the fun part in writing, creation is the bliss that you reach a point when nothing else matters.

    • That’s nifty of you Amity, though this blog is a non-award blog. I guess it just goes to show that poets are often unsocial bloggers.

  3. It is poetry that links us Wuji.
    I am also a poet,i think so. I write as many poems as I can a day though I have not counted my daily writing.
    Poetry is fascinating.
    Thanks for the follow.
    Hope you find Meenas Poems interesting.
    All the best.

    • You know how it is Meena, we are too busy writing to truly follow other poets for long. Blessings though, we are on the same journey.

  4. Thanks for stopping by The Expositrix, Wuji! How goes the Mandarin? I tried to teach myself as a child, but soon learned it was a losing proposition, being ten years old, with only a single volume from a small-town community library to guide me…

  5. Hi Wuji – Thank you for liking my poem: Clock of time. Just looking at your main page, I am in awe – I am still a toddler starting out. However, the spirit does move me. Stay Connected! Chevvy.

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